Lucky Patcher For Clash of Clans 100% Working

Lucky Patcher For Clash of Clans 100% Working
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If you are looking for Lucky Patcher for Clash of Clans, then this is the right place to know everything about Clash of clans and how to use Lucky Patcher to hack it. I hope you already know about Lucky Pathcer how it works and what can be done with it. Which games are hack-able etc. We’ll show you the steps to get more resources in clash of clan games in this article. But first, let us give you a brief idea of Clash of clan game and its resources.

As you know Clash of clan is one of the most popular game, which has been downloaded 4,95,46,572 times in Google Playstore. Almost seven years running still this game is as much as popular as it was before. There are millions of people still playing this game even after all these years of competition with other newly launched first person game like PUBG. We can say that COC was the first online multiplayer battle game for mobile device user. 

Initially, Clash of clans was first released for iOS devices in 2012 and then released for Android device on 2013. Since then it was quite a good ride for players and game developers. During early days of this game there were many bugs and loop holes, though it wasn’t that big, and continue updates resolved all of it. Many new things are introduced. Therefore, new heroes, new troops, new map, and the best one is two town hall.

The main objective of this game is to build your own kingdom, train troops, using resources and looting from other players. So, resources are the most important thing that matters in this game. The more you have resources the more you can build defensive buildings and protect it from other intruders.

There are three important resources that you need to collect through out this game. We will talk about it in brief and give a basic idea

Clash Of Clans Resources


First of all Gold, Gold is the most important resources in this game. You need to collect lots of gold and store it in the storage to build more buildings and structures. The more number of gold mine you build the faster your extraction will be. You can see the amount of gold you have and the storage capacity at the right corner of the viewing window of your display.

Gold is used to build and upgrade walls, defensive motors, archer tower, elixir storage, elixir collector and to train some troops.


Just like the gold elixir is also another important resources in this game, gold can be collected from gold mines but for elixir you need to build elixir collector and storage. Elixir is mainly used to train troops and build gold storage and gold mines.


Dark elixir is another resources similar to elixir, in early game you won’t get this resources. This resources will unlock at certain level of your Town hall. Mainly dark elixir is used for building dark army troops, like Valkari, dragon, hogs, and dark giants. Dark elixir is mainly for increasing war efficiently in battle by training more powerful army. You need to build dark elixir storage to store it and dark elixir collector to collect.


Gem is the most expensive resources in this game, with gems you can purchase any of the three resources, but gems aren’t free, you need to buy gems in order to use them. However, game will provide you a certain amount of gems everyday.

Lucky Patcher For Clash of Clans

Lucky Patcher is one of the famous android application for making modded application of games, and hack resources of many android games. There are certain things you can do with Lucky Patcher for Clash of clans, but it doesn’t work all the time.

However, there are certain things you can do like blocking advertisement, hacking resources and purchasing gems etc. But to do all these things your device should  be rooted. For unrooted device you can only block ads.

Hacking Clash of Clans With Lucky Patcher

It is not a good practice to hack multiplayer games, as it exploit the gaming experience of others. I know it takes lots of time to build and upgrade resources. But my friend Patience is a virtue. There are many things you need to learn about this game and that can only be achieved with playing it from scratch. You can make faster progress if you follow certain things. We’ll show you tips and tricks so that you can progress faster and enjoy the game at its fullest.

Block Advertisements With Lucky Patcher

But first, if you want to know how to block advertisements in clash of clans with lucky patcher, then this section will show you step by step method to do that.

First of all you need to have Lucky patcher and clash of clans installed in your device. I hope you already have clash of clan installed in your device, if not

please visit the link and Install the Clash of clan from Google Playstore.

Now, if you already have Lucky Patcher installed in your device skip this, or if you don’t have Lucky Pacther. Then Download Lucky Patcher and follow the further steps.

Once the applications are installed, go to Lucky Patcher App and look for the clash of clans app, you need to scroll the main page. There will be lots of system files, note that don’t touch those files or else it might cause your device some problem.

Once you find the COC app click on it and a new menu will open there you have to choose the “menu of patches”. and then click on the create Modified Apk files. Once that choose the APK without Google ads.

Clash of clans>menu of patches>create Modified Apk file>Apk without License Verification.

So, in this way you can make your own modded Apk file using Lucky Patcher. I will be adding more hacks using Lucky Patcher in this article. We are constantly trying different methods using Lucky Patcher to hack popular games. If you like our work or want to stay updated with out blog, please subscribe to our email newsletter so that you don’t miss any new article once it is published.

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